We deliver Metal Powder To The World

MPT Sweden is the world-leading supplier of metal powders for the welding and hardfacing industries. With high quality and accuracy in everything we do, we contribute to our customers’ success.

What is Pure precision?

For us, it’s a mindset, an attitude that affects everything we do. It all starts with our products and our focus on quality. We have extensive knowledge and long experience of manufacturing metal powders, and we can tailor our products to our customers’ requirements. Being flexible and service-oriented – both are second nature to us. Our customers must be able to rest assured that the right product, of the right quality, is delivered to the right place at exactly the agreed time. That’s pure precision.

The world is our market

As a leading producer in ferrochrome powder, we serve approximately 100 customers in 40 countries, all over the world. Our products are mostly used for welding electrodes, welding wire, cored wire, surface coating, foundry additive, hardfacing and alloy steel manufacturing. We’re really proud of that.

Only the best raw Material

We have a rather simple philosophy. If you want to produce the world’s best metal powder, you have to use the best raw material. We use raw material from the mines in Kazakhstan and Russia, where the highest quality ferrochrome is found. Then, we refine it in our ultra-modern production plant.

The environment includes us all

We only have one Earth, so naturally, we endeavor to minimize our environmental impact and save energy in a responsible way. It’s about complying with all prevailing environmental laws and regulations. We have made significant investments to reduce environmental emissions and we are the best in the class. It's also about making active choices, every day, to contribute to a sustainable society.
We are ISO14001:2015 certified company.

Our Products

We strive to offer a wide range of products, and are constantly developing new products and special solutions. It’s in our DNA. An independent lab tests all products before delivery to ensure they are of the highest quality. It is also important for us with high productivity and cost reduction. That means peace of mind – for us and our customers.